Edinburgh Pocket Guides: The Fishmarket

Perched on the stony edge of Newhaven Harbour, The Fishmarket is one of Edinburgh’s best fish restaurants. Managing to team simplicity with modernity, the menu is small but delicious. With all the fish caught fresh locally – and daily – you’re guaranteed a true Scottish experience. The Fishmarket’s interior is an updated take on the […]

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Edinburgh Pocket Guides: Dirty Dick’s

Don’t let the name put you off; this cosy pub is one of the best spots on Edinburgh’s Rose Street. Nestled between the centre’s two busiest roads, Rose Street is a narrow, cobbled gem, with year-round glistening fairy lights creating a tunnel-like canopy. Whilst the street is most famous for its endless string of pubs […]

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Edinburgh Pocket Guides: Koyama Sushi

Living directly above Koyama during my final year of university in Edinburgh was a dream. Little-known to tourists, this small, understated sushi restaurant is Japanese-run, with fresh ingredients and impeccable customer service. Walking into the restaurant, you are shown to your table by one of the smiling waiters or waitresses, who are always happy to […]

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Edinburgh Pocket Guides: North Berwick

If you love traditional pubs, wood fires and stunning natural scenery, then North Berwick is the place for you. A short 30-minute train ride from Edinburgh’s Waverley Station, this chocolate-box coastal town is the perfect break from city life, giving you an insight into the humbler lifestyle of those who live along the Forth. North […]

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Edinburgh Pocket Guides: Typewronger Books

For any bookworms like me, a few hours in a bookshop is an afternoon very well spent – even if you leave empty-handed! When I stumbled across Typewronger Books on Elm Row, I was ecstatic. In classic Edinburgh fashion, the store is found underneath one of the Georgian Terraced houses of Leith, with a doorframe […]

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Edinburgh Pocket Guides: Gaia Deli

Situated slap-bang in the heart of Edinburgh’s Leith Walk, Gaia Deli is the last place you’d expect to find. Hidden in plain sight, Gaia is easy to stroll past without a second glance, due to its tiny shopfront; but once you’ve been inside, it’s impossible not to go back. Gaia is a little Italian haven […]

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Edinburgh Pocket Guides: Circus Lane

One of the things that renders Edinburgh so special for me is the endless labyrinth of cobbled streets and stone houses that can be found here. Even after living in the city for four years, there’s always an area to stumble across unexpectedly, or a street that takes your breath away, even on the greyest of Scottish […]

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