Edinburgh Pocket Guides: Koyama Sushi

Living directly above Koyama during my final year of university in Edinburgh was a dream. Little-known to tourists, this small, understated sushi restaurant is Japanese-run, with fresh ingredients and impeccable customer service. Walking into the restaurant, you are shown to your table by one of the smiling waiters or waitresses, who are always happy to give you recommendations from the menu. On the table, you have free prawn crackers and miso soup to get you started – but make sure you save room! Koyama’s menu is big but flawlessly delicious, and extremely good value for money.

Without fail, I always order the Salmon and Avocado Ura-maki (and usually order a second portion once this is done). I also love the Prawn Nigiri and the California Rolls, all of which I wash down with an Asahi beer.

If you’re feeling a little lazy, Koyama also offer take-away food, with the whole menu on offer to-go. Although they don’t do delivery, it’s worth the trip to collect from the restaurant, with only a ten-minute wait between ordering and serving. I’d highly recommend Koyama to any sushi fans out there – and to anyone wanting to try fresh, traditional Japanese sushi for affordable prices!


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