Edinburgh Pocket Guides: Circus Lane

One of the things that renders Edinburgh so special for me is the endless labyrinth of cobbled streets and stone houses that can be found here. Even after living in the city for four years, there’s always an area to stumble across unexpectedly, or a street that takes your breath away, even on the greyest of Scottish days. My favourite of these little streets (that I’ve discovered so far!) has to be Circus Lane.

Located at the joining point between New Town and Stockbridge, this short but quaint street is like taking a step away from the busy city centre. The unusual architecture here is not typical at all of Edinburgh’s sweeping Georgian terraced houses, but is more like something you would find in a small village in the Highlands. The streets are cobbled in a classic Edinburgh style, but the buildings themselves are small, stone cottages, covered in ivy and flowers, with pastel-coloured benches strewn along the street. Although the lane itself is entirely residential, it is bookended by Howe Street and Circus Place – two bustling streets filled with independent boutiques, cafes and restaurants. A visit down to Circus Lane is the perfect gateway into the rest of Stockbridge, dropping you down almost right next to the farmers’ market, held every Sunday morning.

*Written for Spotted by Locals*


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