Edinburgh Pocket Guides: Typewronger Books

For any bookworms like me, a few hours in a bookshop is an afternoon very well spent – even if you leave empty-handed! When I stumbled across Typewronger Books on Elm Row, I was ecstatic. In classic Edinburgh fashion, the store is found underneath one of the Georgian Terraced houses of Leith, with a doorframe that you need to duck into.

When you step inside, you’re greeted by the friendly, familiar shop assistant, who runs the store himself. Knowing you’ll be there a while, he always offers you a cup of tea to sip at while you browse the endless shelves. Even though the shop is teeny, composed only of two adjoining rooms, the selection is vast, and covers everything from contemporary feminist non-fiction to the classics.

The thing that renders this shop even more unique? The typewriters which litter every available surface. And they are still working, too, with different machines for different alphabets and languages. Every time I approach the till to buy a book, the shop’s logo and name is stamped into the front, turning your book into a souvenir of your time in the store; to top off the visit, the assistant will always offer you a handmade origami animal to take home with you. My personal favourite is the elephant!

* Written for Spotted By Locals *



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