The Things I Miss About Edinburgh

In the spirit of St Andrews Day (which I have actually never celebrated), and as a stereotypical ‘Brit Abroad’, I have found myself feeling a little nostalgic today about bonnie Scotland. Whilst I would quite happily keep living my life in Italy forever and ever (can I do that? Please?) there are, of course, some home comforts that I am craving and a small Edinburgh-shaped hole in my heart. Keep scrolling to see some of the things I miss the most.

Disclaimer: a lot of what you’re about to read is food-related.


The Burgers


For whatever reason, Edinburgh is obsessed with all things Burger. Every type of burger you could possibly imagine can be found here, in every type of restaurant. Living so close to Bread Meats Bread in second year was both a blessing and a curse. Another personal favourite (although slightly pricier) was the ever-popular Just Burgers and Beers on the Royal Mile. The one thing these places all have in common? The burgers are ALWAYS DELICIOUS.

Also: Sweet. Potato. Fries.


Teviot Nachos


Two words guaranteed to make any Edinburgh student’s heart melt (soz for the cheesey joke HA), Teviot nachos are the answer to all of life’s problems. Missed a hand-in? Cheer yourself up with nachos. Passed an exam? Celebrate with nachos. Broken heart? Dull the pain with nachos. Top tip: don’t try and share a plate of these nachos with a friend – you will always have to order another one.


The Bagpipes


As the old adage goes, you never know how much you’ll miss something until it’s gone: for me, this is true of the sound of bagpipes. Especially that guy who stands under the Scots Monument on Princes Street.


The Coffee Shops


Okay, so the coffee itself can be quite hit-and-miss. But what Edinburgh can’t be faulted on is its humungous range of cute, hipster-y cafes, with the best-looking cakes you could imagine (e.g. Cuckoo’s Bakery or Mimi’s Bakehouse). Shoutout also to places like Spoon and Treehouse Cafe, whose pancakes are second to none.


The Orangey Colour Everything Goes in the Evening


So, not a very catchy subtitle. But anyone who lives in Edinburgh will know what I mean – when the sun is just about to set (when there actually is sun), the light catches the buildings in the city and turns them a glowy, magical orange colour which is completely unique. It’s especially beautiful when it hits Arthur’s Seat.


George Street Christmas Lights


You know that Christmas is coming when you start to see the lights wrapped around the pillars of the Dome. For me, no-one does Christmas quite like Edinburgh. As Christmas’ Number One Fan (apologies to anyone who has ever had to live with me in the run-up to December), I fall in love with the city all over again come the middle of November. And, of course, we have the Christmas Market in Princes Street.




Saving the best until last: Hive. The very word gives me life, makes me want to jump up and dance to chart music from 3 years ago. The place everyone pretends to end up in ‘by accident’ at the end of a night, but where everyone knows will be the most fun.

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