Falling in Love with Cornwall


Before moving to university, I was never the type of person to explore the many different areas of the UK – I guess I always associated travelling with foreign languages, foods and cultures, and assumed that the only places worth seeing involved a plane journey. Although the UK has so much to offer across the entire country, the one place that has really opened my eyes to how beautiful British scenery can be is Cornwall. With its vast, natural beaches and laid-back, friendly atmosphere, the South-West coast is one of Britain’s tourist hotspots for good reason, and definitely provides necessary respite from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the country.

Over the past few days, I got to experience the area from a very unique perspective: right in the waves of the ocean. Granted, I did spend most of my time under the surfboard instead of riding it (the word ‘athletic’ has never really been in my vocabulary), but even as a first-time surfing rookie it is easy to understand how the sport allows you to take your mind off any stress. Whether you’re chasing the waves or just sitting calmly on the board (which is how I spent 99% of the day), I found that surfing allows you to totally blank out your worries.

For our trip, we headed towards Padstow, visiting the beaches and bays in  the nearby village of Saint Merryn – a popular destination for holidaymakers. Both Treyarnon Bay and Constantine Bay are well-known for their surfing and bodyboarding, although only Constantine Bay offers surfboard and wetsuit hire. Even for those who aren’t interested in trying out any watersports, the beaches themselves are made up of expanses of golden sand and are perfect for relaxing, walking or even sandcastle-building. Coffee and ice-cream huts can also be found on both beaches, so if the wind gets a bit chilly a hot chocolate is never far.

A touristy day-trip to Cornwall is obviously never complete without fish and chips. We visited Saint Merryn’s Fryer Tuck’s, which is a traditional fish and chip restaurant right in the heart of the village. Their scampi and chips with curry sauce definitely perked me up after a couple of hours of fighting the waves!



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